Join Kobra!

Basic Information about Kobra

Kobra is an open-source visual programming language (like Scratch) for Machine Learning! The purpose of this project is to take what Scratch has done for programming (removed the technical barrier) and to apply it to ML. If you're interested in full stack development, ML, education, or CS you'd be a perfect fit for our team!

Demo of MVP

Here is a quick video of Kobra being used for a simple linear regression.

Tech Stack

  • Next.js
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL
  • Prisma

Technical Tasks to Work on

  1. Finish migrating frontend codebase to Next.js
  2. Allow for user to upload and use their own datasets (and store them in a storage bucket)
  3. Getting project saving to fully work
  4. Integrate Blockly OOP Plugin and change ML blocks to being object oriented

Note: We unfortunatly cannot pay our developers, as we have no source of revenue right now, as Kobra is free and open-source. However, we plan on raising money through GitHub sponsors or OpenCollective to reimburse our devs for the time spent on this.