Welcome to my Blog!

Hello! Welcome to my blog where I'll talk about projects I'm working on and other random stuff I find interesting!

A bit about me

I'm a student at Tesla STEM High School who's interested in full stack development, ML, and entrepreneurship. I'm a hacker at heart, and love building side projects during weekends, and have attended over a dozen hackathons to date! I love React, TypeScript, and sometimes Python.

Some projects I'm working on

  • Kobra — A visual programming language (like Scratch) for Machine Learning
  • Conch — Store your shell scripts in the cloud and run them anywhere (npx for shell scripts)!
  • Walla — An intuitive, fast web framework for building APIs in Node - My Blog — A minimalistic markdown blog built in Next.js
  • Landing UI — React Components for building landing pages quickly

Other Stuff about Me

I love listening to podcasts in my spare time, my favorite podcasts being the Lex Fridman Podcast, Yang Speaks, and the Joe Rogan Experience. Additionally, I enjoy going on runs on nearby trails and spending time with Chewie, my dog.

Connect with me!!

Feel free to reach out to me on the following platforms: